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Feb 7, 2013 5:00pm EST
, so, it's a big story we're watching, as well. the pentagon, meantime, saying two ships will not be going to the persian gulf to save money, so, you'd think that would hurt shares of the defense stocks involved. nope. the uss truman and the uss gettiesburg both ships are staying put, yet shares of both companies moved up today. so did other defense names, except lockheed. goldman says, quote, we do not believe the market is materially pricing in the risk that sequestration will occur march 1st, melissa. >> you think in the dfx, just a few points away from its record high. >> yeah, and these stocks, jane mentioned lockheed martin, a tremendous run, up to 96. it's pulled back nine or ten, so, i'm still a big believer. general dynamics up a percent or so today. out of all of them today, i think lmt is the most interesting right here. >> jane? >> the ultimate sign of a housing recovery. barbie, the only blond older than i am, is seller her dreamhouse for $25 million on trulia. josh altman is her agent. the home covers 8,500 square feet, but that's a lie. i know this. it's on
Feb 25, 2013 4:00am EST
discussing a deal to fun operations through to september. >>> and the pentagon says the grounding of lockheed martin's jets last week won't deliver the aircraft. there was a crack on a turbine blade on a test plane. speaking from australia, the fa says that type of problem is unfortunate but normal during development and testing. lockheed stock down 1%. >>> as the number of global smartphone users has reached the 1 billion mark, there have been a number using their mobile to make purchases. that's the subject for kelly in barcelona at the world mobile congress. do you have to use your spanish down there or you're okay, kelly? >> si, senior. i've been using a lot of spanish here, ross. right now, i'm joined by ed mcglaughlin from mastercard. ed, i haven't been speaking spanish with you necessarily. >> no. >> but we have been talking about the language of payments. and it does seem as though we're moving from, as you've said, a cash list to a credit card list society. what exactly is mastercard doing here? >> well, what we're announcing today is what we call master pass. everything starts becom
Feb 7, 2013 6:00am EST
to see you. i wanted to put this up. this is what's on the cover of "usa today." pentagon warns of huge cuts. when you think about what's going on in washington, right now, and you think about the sequester that may or may not happen, and you think about your history in washington, do you think that we will have the sequester? >> andrew, i don't know. i think it's a very complicated situation. i think we had a great opportunity and i actually thought there was some reasonable chance it might happen, which was to have a grand bargain that could have addressed what is really unsustainable and deeply dangerous long-term fiscal situation and i think if we had done that, not only would be useful for the long run but i think could have generated confidence in the shorter run and promote jobs now. now instead of that we have a happen has 5rd process. a sequester we're facing. it's a terrible piece of legislation. it arbitrarily cuts defense and nondefense without thoughtfully doing so. instead of being phased in so we'd have more room for recovery, it hits abruptly. and it's far, far from clea
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3